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He was better then Chase and Adam could ever be. I circled her clit, while bringing my finger up and pumping it in and out of her tight hole. Picking up the tissue box again, I stared down at my hands in shame as- "Chase have you seen my-" my head snapped up as Bree walked into my room, stopping as she saw what was in my hands. She was mine and others would see her claimed, See my mark and know she was taken. I lifted Bree's quivering body from on top of me and lay her down gently on the bed, pulling the duvet over us. I needed her to say it. It felt that Leo's tong was going even deeper each time.

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Leo was soon elbow deep in her pussy that he could see his hand moving in Bree's belly.

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Why wasn't she leaving? He closed his eyes and tried to think what she would look like na naked. After Bree squirted twelve times she gave out the next order. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Monday 13st, May Pm.

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